"I created #mindbodysoul in order to motivate others and to express my passion for wellness. I know from personal experience..."

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Is It Worth Your Time & Energy?

  While on my personal social media sites (when I'm not managing social sites for my company and clients) I tend to see a lot of negativity and hatred lately. This may explain why I stray away from social media in my free time. Negativity not only puts a damper on our moods, but it... Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up

      ADD, also known as Attention Deficit Disorder, is a disorder that I have struggled with all my life, and some may think they have ADD because they get distracted while trying to complete a task, but the matter of the fact is that most people are bored when doing work and they... Continue Reading →

Get Creative!

Let's get creative! Imagine living in a world where everyone does the same thing every single day, where everyone looks alike, has the same interests, same hobbies, same EVERYTHING! Boring huh? Now picture the life you have now, do you think it's boring, do you feel that you have the same basic routine every day?... Continue Reading →


Aside from health and wellness, marketing is a huge passion of mine and it can be seen through this blog and my e-portfolio! I am currently finishing up my last year as a college student majoring in marketing with a degree in social media/digital marketing. It feels great to finish college doing something I love... Continue Reading →

Rethink “Stress”

When we think of stress, negative emotions instantly start to flow. Stress has had a bad reputation and it is reflected through our emotions towards the word and even on the internet! When "stress" is put through Google search the first few web pages that show are "common signs and symptoms of stress", "The harmful... Continue Reading →

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