has been quite the trend for a few years, from active wear to detox drinks and everything in between. I believe that wellness is an essential to a long, happy, healthy life. Health and wellness has always interested me and I have been what some call a “healthnut” for about 4-5 years. My passion for wellness has grown over the years because I find the human body very interesting and how foods and activities can affect our body as well as our everyday lives. Being “healthy” is important because if we take care of our bodies/health then it is known that we feel happier and more outgoing! Wellness is not just about being fit and “having the perfect body”. Wellness involves the mind, body, and soul.

2I created #mindbodysoul in order to motivate others and to express my passion for wellness. I know from personal experience that it is almost everyone’s New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or start going to the gym, or even eat healthier. Although this is a great resolution to have, in most cases it only sticks for a few weeks or so. I want to be able to motivate others and show people how easy it is to create a routine and make it part of every single day without it being bothersome.

Here is my daily routine!

First, I take my vitamins:

  • Biotin for healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • Fish Oil to get essential omega-3’s and fatty acids
  • Vitamin C to boost my immune system
  • Iron to control my anemia (which means my body doesn’t produce iron naturally as it should)

But always make sure you consult with your doctor before taking supplements daily! And remember it takes 12 days to form a routine and there’s always room for a cheat day here and there (after you form the routine of course)!

IMG_2048Before taking my vitamin’s I need to get out of bed.

One thing I struggle with is getting up at a reasonable hour or even getting out of bed without having to fight with myself (or boyfriend who tries to get me up). My big issue is, that I am a deep sleeper. So, I sleep through every alarm that is set without hearing it and then on some occasions I will respond to people who are trying to get me up (but of course I am still sleeping so I am not aware of this). One thing I started doing was exercising at night in order to get a more restful sleep and not sleeping with my Himalayan Salt Lamp on all night. One effect that the salt lamp is known for is promoting sleep and for some reason I never want to get up in the morning when I sleep with it on all night. Because of this, I have been leaving it on for an hour or so before bed then I turn it off and I have noticed it isn’t so hard for me to get up and start my day.

Another thing I have started doing is Yoga1

I try do yoga morning and night, but sometimes I don’t have time which is also why I do yoga in my very own home. Yoga is so fascinating to me and there are all different sorts of yoga, power yoga to build muscle, restorative to sooth and relax and rejuvenate, Prenatal for expecting mothers, and many more. Along with yoga I have been getting into meditation, as a full-time college student who tries to work full time while having a relationship with not only my boyfriend, but friends and family as well is pretty tough and I needed to find a way to, basically stay sane. When most people think meditation they thing of meditation they thing a bald Chinese guy with his legs all tangled up humming “ohm”. This is most often not the case. I started with basic breathing techniques to clear my mind and relieve and control stress levels and I found fitness magazine had a lot of great techniques and poses for beginners!

Source: YouTube

Focusing at times can be tough

But with a little meditation and helpful focus tunes I have no problem sitting down and busting out a few homework assignments or working for 3-4 hours. Focus music is something that I discovered on YouTube. I simply typed into the search bar “homework music” or “study focus music” and all of these titles popped up that said alpha waves. My favorite is “Study Music Alpha Waves” and the audio/video plays soothing relaxing music with alpha waves and binaural beats, some of which cannot be physically heard(our ears can hear the tones and relay it to our brains without letting us physically hear them) this is often the case to send subconscious messages, but in this case it is to relax us and help us focus. This has been super beneficial to me because of ADD (attention deficit disorder) which I had as a child, but I noticed it more since I started college. I will get distracted very easily and side tracked a thousand times while trying to complete my work. I’ve noticed a huge change in my work when listening to this music and most of the time I don’t even realize that I’m listening to it after a few minutes.

I know, these all seem pretty strange, and believe me, I was a skeptic at first but they have been working for me! If you have time and are willing to give these techniques a shot, these methods/ tricks will benefit you!

For more information on how you can benefit yourself (mind body and soul) check out my Facebook Page, Twitter and of course, more blog posts to come!


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