Rethink “Stress”

Nobody thought of bringing a headache pill to the party?
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When we think of stress,

negative emotions instantly start to flow. Stress has had a bad reputation and it is reflected through our emotions towards the word and even on the internet! When “stress” is put through Google search the first few web pages that show are “common signs and symptoms of stress”, “The harmful effects of stress”, and “Difference between stress and depression”. So this goes to show that even the media shows stress negatively. Personally I have seen the word stress is used for many different feelings such as if one has a lot to do before a deadline they may feel overwhelmed, but instead, use the word stressed, or when a person is upset or angry they use the word stressed to describe how they may be feeling. But is “stress” really that bad?

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In the TED talk hosted by Kelly McGonigal, she talks about stress and how to make stress your friend! McGingial is a health psychologist and she states that she has been teaching people that stress will make you sick from the common cold to cardiovascular disease. Over the years we have “turned stress into the enemy”.  However there are studies that show if you believe stress is bad for you then it will be.


According to the Healthline editorial team, there are three types of stress…

1. Acute stress

Acute stress, also known as short-term stress is what we want to focus on because short-term stress can actually boost your immune system, make you more social, improve learning—and it may, in fact, improve memory. Acute stress is also your body’s immediate reaction to a new challenge, event, or demand, and it triggers your fight-or-flight response!

2. Episodic acute stress

Episodic acute stress is when acute stress happens frequently. People who struggle with episodic acute stress “are often short-tempered, irritable, and anxious. People who are “worry warts” or pessimistic or who tend to see the negative side of everything also tend to have episodic acute stress.”

3. Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is the most worry some of all types of stress. This form of stress is constant and doesn’t go away and stems from situations that are constant such as

  • unhappy marriage problems
  • issues/ content problems within a family
  • poverty/money issues
  • “bad” job

Although we may not be able to change some of these aspects, we can change our attitudes towards stress into positive ones to achieve a greater amount of happiness in our daily lives! Chronic stress can also be detrimental to your health, as it can contribute to several serious diseases or health risks, such as:

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • lung disease
  • accidents
  • cirrhosis of the liver
  • suicide

Here are some tricks and tips to help you manage forms of stress!

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exercise or go for a quick walk
  • “me” time; take a few moments to enjoy something you love to do!
  • create a reward system for the workload
  • Catnap; napping calms the mind and body or just a short period of time
  • Treats and sweets; splurge a little with your favorite sweets



Image source: Life coach

So please wash away your negative perspective to all types of stress and feel free to test these methods to subside your temporary stress and let’s stay positive! Also, keep in mind that stress is not always bad, it can actually be good for the human body just like positivity and happiness!



For more information on how you can benefit yourself (mind body and soul) stray away from neagtivity, check out my Facebook Page, Twitter and of course, more blog posts to come!





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