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Aside from health

and wellness, marketing is a huge passion of mine and it can be seen through this blog and my e-portfolio! I am currently finishing up my last year as a college student majoring in marketing with a degree in social media/digital marketing. It feels great to finish college doing something I love as well as having a job that I enjoy and can get excited about. Health and wellness can be looked at from a marketing perspective and it is interesting to see how quickly the “trend” has grown all over the world! Wellness can be anything from vitamins; one of the most popular is the

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Wellness can be anything from vitamins; one of the most popular is the sugarbearhair vitamin that we see all over social media. This vitamin has grown in popularity because the sugarbearhair company uses the Kardashians as brand advocates, which mean they are potentially getting paid to promote the product on social media. This was a good choice to partner with the Kardashians because they have such a strong following all across social media and they are a huge influence on                                                                                            their “consumers”.                                   Not all companies need to partner with celebrities in order to keep a high following on media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! One technique or framework that I find very helpful is the


Not all companies need to partner with celebrities in order to keep a high following on media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! One technique or framework that I find very helpful is the REALLY Framework. REALLY stands for

  • Research-

    Always conduct research after a goal is in place to determine the next steps. Here are a few aspects a brand should research in this stage:

    Target Audience- particular group of people that an industry, company or organization aims for
    Influencers- individual (s) whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative
    Brand Analysis- Analysis that helps consumers to better understand the drivers of business and brand value


Source: NPO.IO
  • Engage-

    don’t just talk at your audience, interact with and include your fans and followers and use specific messaging to inform, empower and/or entertain.

  • Analysis-

    Analyze target audience, influencers, brand and new channels

  • Listen-

Active listening towards the brand, influencers, consumers, positive word of mouth           (WOM), negative WOM, and competitors Target audience posts

  • Leverage-

leverage/use/incorporate user generate content (UGC), influencers, brand                              advocates, employee advocates, print, and community sites

  • You!-

focus on brand image, user generated branding (UGB), social responsibility,                          objectives, and goals, and message!


Source: Monroeville

This might not make sense to all, but this framework is an important part of all trending topics
such as wellness/health. This is important because the healthcare industry, especially ones who utilize social media, focus on all aspects within the REALLY framework to increase their brand awareness as well as their popularity.

Some aspects of the framework cannot be seen from consumers view, however, consumers and the audience will be able to see the brand engaging with their audience, listening to what their audience wants/needs. Individuals can also use this framework for personal use when it comes to wellness and health.

As individuals, we can use the REALLY framework to get in touch with who we are as people. It’s simple:


Source: Kind and Well


  • RE:

If you are looking to become a better you and have a specific goal you want to reach, research may be obsolete, however, research what it is that you want to change or improve about yourself! Want to lose weight or want to start eating better, but want to make it simple and easy so you can stick with it, do some research on what others have done, research tips and tricks for beginners. This also goes for other aspects such as wanting to wake up earlier, exercise, have a more positive outlook on life, etc. Engaging with yourself is technically possible, but in this case, we want to engage with our bodies and start small and test ourselves with our findings.

  • A-

Analyze the “small start” and how you feel about it. Also, analyze the tips and tricks and all “research” you have done to see how it will best fit you and your lifestyle and start to implement a personal strategy!

  • L-

Leverage/use the strategy you have built for yourself for a long period of time

  • L-

Listen to your body throughout your process! If you want to eat healthier, but you are finding yourself to be more hungry or if you are exercising and you are in more pain than you should be…DO NOT IGNORE IT! Ignoring your body can do more damage than you think. Go back to step one and add to your strategy!

  • Y-

The focus is you! Just like in marketing focus on the brand image, which in this case is you. Focus on yourself and focus on your goals and living a happy healthy life!

The REALLY framework is a great tool to use within any industry such as wellness and keep in mind that companies are not the only ones who could and should use this framework; people who are trying to build a brand, increase following or improve social media engagement and even you can utilize this great tool to improve your everyday life!


For more information on how you can benefit yourself (mind body and soul) check out my Facebook Page, Twitter and of course, more blog posts to come!



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