Get Creative!

Let’s get creative!

Imagine living in a world where everyone does the same thing every single day, where everyone looks alike, has the same interests, same hobbies, same EVERYTHING! Boring huh? Now picture the life you have now, do you think it’s boring, do you feel that you have the same basic routine every day? Well, change it up with adding a little creativity!


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Creativity is often defined as “thinking outside of the box” which leads to innovated approaches and in this day in age we have to be taught to “think outside of the box” and critically and innovatively think. It is important to know that “thinking outside of the box” is not hard, we just make it seem harder than it actually is. Creativity is also a way to increase positive energy which also increases happiness which leads to a healthier mind and a happier soul!

Creative Strategy


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In marketing, there is a such a thing as a “creative strategy”. A creative strategy can be defined as “the intentional and strategic approach a company takes in developing and implementing steps that will ensure and support the business’ growth” and this is not limited to businesses and corporations; we as individuals can also use this in their daily lives.


Think about it this way… it is my job (as a marketer) to imagine a plan or get a plan sketched out on paper (or digitally), I want to keep my long and short term goals in mind while creating this plan as well. While in the constructing phase I also want to be thinking about ways I can differentiate the brand; whether it be through my communication techniques, channels I am utilizing, calls of action, or simple techniques that I have created over time that stand out from the competition.

You may be thinking, “well how can I use this in my daily routine?” simple, in my blog “Really?” I described a framework that can be used to construct a plan for yourself to reach a specific goal you have in place. However, I did not mention that creativity is a huge aspect.

Start with a goal


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You should always have a few short-term goals for every long-term goal that is set. This helps aid the process of reaching that long-term goal easier! Let’s take one of my goals, for example, be more positive and happier. Now, this is my long term goal, whereas my short-term goals would meditate for 5-10 minutes a day and/or go for a 10-minute walk outside day, or do some yoga for 5-10 minutes a day. My short term goals are revolved around releasing the “happiness chemicals” in the brain in order to achieve absolute happiness throughout each and every day.


Differentiate your process


Source: Gerald K.

Now we may immediately think of getting ideas off Pinterest which is not a bad start, but how can you get even more creative to develop a strategy specifically designed for YOU? This is where we can start to think outside of the box. We can start by incorporating different aspects into our short term goals to make them more fun and enjoyable. Here’s an example and keep in mind my long term goal is “be more positive and happier”, so my short term goals are to go for a walk for 10-minutes a day,meditate for 5-10 minutes a day, and/or do some yoga for 5-10 minutes a day. Day one I walk down the street (5 minutes one way, 5 minutes back), the next day I walk the “rail trail” that starts down the road or through the “town forest”, the next day I walk on the treadmill. The point here is to change it up so boredom is nonexistent. We can also incorporate little things like using essential oils while doing yoga or make “cool” water with the fruits in it before the walk and/or yoga for personally motivation. I can also listen to meditation music while doing yoga or while reading a book, completely tasks for work or while doing homework!


The overall point is to get creative! Create a strategy with creativity and always remember to think outside of the box in any situation that you are faced with.

Start today, set any type of goal, long or short, then sketch a quick plan and see where you can incorporate creativity!

 (While constructing this blog I was listening to Study Music, had my Himalayan Salt Lamp nearby, I had some incense infused with essential oils burning in the background and some cold basil and lime water by my side. These were a few things I incorporated together to meet my long-term goal as well as help me get through some homework and write this blog.)

For more information on how you can benefit yourself (mind body and soul) check out my Facebook Page, Twitter and of course, more blog posts to come!



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